Hey coaches!  This is just an opening blog to get things going.  I hope you like the new website.  We want it to be more current and user friendly.  I am open to suggestions as to what you would like posted.  I am not the most tech-savvy person - so beware if you offer a suggestion - I may ask how to get it done :)


Allison Silva
09/05/2012 11:02am

This looks great, Kelley. Have fun with it.

Kelley Hopper
09/11/2012 1:12am

Thanks Allison!

Paul Gray
09/10/2012 2:03pm


This is great. I am so glad you have agreed to do this. Would it be possible to put up the list of how each classification finished out in state last year (top 8 teams)? We play a lot of teams throughout the year in various classifications and I wondered how some of them did. This may be too much work, so it's just a suggestion.

Thanks for doing this.

Kelley Hopper
09/11/2012 1:17am

First, thanks for posting! I really hope coaches find the site beneficial. I will try to locate that information. It won't be hard to post once I have it. Thanks for the suggestion!

marilyn jerome
03/12/2013 6:14am

Thank you for your representation and starting the blog. It is quite novel.
Tech had a great time at Batesville (regionals) Saturday. The new math and science wing is something to brag about.

Dave Simmons
06/06/2013 4:35pm

Anybody, I am in the process of creating QB t shirts for my team this fall and am looking for slogans and designs. Anybody have suggestions for a site with any of the above?


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    My name is Kelley Hopper.  I am the Crowley's Ridge Co-op representative.  I teach 7th and 8th grade at Armorel High School. I have never "blogged" or made a website before.  Please be patient as I muddle through this ;)


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